High Precision High Frequency Generator TV-115-40-01

The TV-115-40-01 high-precision high-frequency generator is especially designed for precision initiation of non-contact heating in super-pure, precision-controlled, high-temperature technological processes.



  • Precision growth and thermal treatment for ultrapure semiconductor single crystals in high vacuum or high pressure atmosphere;
  • Precision metals and them compounds melting, purification and thermal treatment;
  • Precision treatment of special steels, other metals and materials in special environment (inert or active gases, vacuum et.c.);
  • other special applications.

Technical Specification:

1Electric PowerThree phases – 380 V (or Customer’s requirement)
2Power consumption, max40 kW
3Efficiency of Generator (efficiency of Output Part and Load is non-included)about 95 %
4Output longtime Current, max0,310 kA
5Frequency of Output Current7.0 … 16.0 кHz
6Output Connector for external digital controlYes
6cExchange ProtocolCustomer’s requirement
7Programmed Timer
8Time of operation:Customer’s requirement
8aat 100% of Current100%
8bat 80% of Current100%
9DesignTwo main parts
10Sizes, WхHхL 
10aGeneratorLess of 450x400x550 mm3
10bOutput (Agreement) PartLess of 320x400x550 mm3
11Cooling of GeneratorAir (by internal fan) and water based coolant
11aWater based coolant consumption 3.5-5.5 liter per 1 min
11bPressure of water based coolant2.5-3.5 bar
11cInput water based coolant temperatureLess of 40 ºС
12Condition of operationNormal
12aTemperature of environment+5 ºС – +40 ºС (Others can be discussed)
12bAtmospheric pressure750±30 mm Hg
13Induction coil’s parametersCustomer’s requirement
14Actuator of heatingCustomer’s requirement

Completeness Set:

  • Generator – 1pc;
  • External (Agreement) Part – 1 pc;
  • Inductor (according Customer’s requirement) – 1pc (or for Customer’s requirement);
  • Actuator of heating (according to Customer’s requirement) – 1pc (or for Customer’s requirement).

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