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CdZnTe single crystals, LP MH Bridgman, HP Bridgman techniques,

CdZnTe (111), (211) single crystalline substrates for LPE, MBE

CdTe single crystals

CdZnTe radiation sensors

CdTe detectors

HgCdTe single crystalline wafers

x-ray imaging sensors

CdZnTe pixel arrays

Pixellization equipment

GaAs single crystals

GaAs (111), (100) single crystalline substrates

GaAs single crystals for optics

GaAs blanks and lenses

InAs (111), (100) single crystalline substrates

ZnSe single crystals, HP Bridgman technique

ZnSe (111), (001) substrates semiinsulate

Crystals for telecommunication and acousto optic, AgGaGeSe, Cs2HgCl4, Cs2HgBr4, Tl3PbCl5

Conductive ZnSe (111), (001) substrates

Cadmium >99,9999% purity

Tellurium >99,9999% purity

Zinc >99,9999% purity


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