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                                 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen's!                                Welcome to our Semiconductor Materials & Instruments Laboratory home page! We are scientific research, development and manufacturing company.                We develop, research, manufacture and sell A2B6, A3B5 photonic single crystalline materials and instruments, based on these materials.                                         All our products: substrates ((111), (211), (001) orientations), plates, blanks, lenses, radiation detectors, IR-detectors, pixels arrays (for IR-, X- & Y-rays sensitivity), based on CdZnTe, CdTe, HgCdTe, ZnSe, GaAs, InAs and others semiconductor compounds are ready for qualitative, low-cost imaging and others applications. Also we can offer new crystals for telecommunication and acousto optic, AgGaGeSe, Cs2HgCl4, Cs2HgBr4, Tl3PbCl5.                                               If You desire, we can to develop for you new materials or instruments with specific properties.                                                                                                             If You desire to have the modern growing technique (Low Pressure Modified Vertical Hybrid Bridgman Method, High Pressure Vertical Bridgman Method), technique for super high purification of Cd, Te, Zn, Hg (>99.9999% purity) - we shell to develop and fabricate it for you.                                                                                       If You have others offers for us, we are ready to consider them.                             Our services and prices will be interesting for you.

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